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By the way, I’m now authorised to accept instructions via Public Access.

Unlike conventional instruction via a Solicitor, the cab rank rule does not apply and it is at my discretion whether or not I accept Public Access instructions.

For now I’m limiting such instructions to Tax Professionals who are not members of those organisations from whom I can accept Licensed Access instructions and to Companies who can instruct me through their Directors. I will also work directly with Charities and other not for profit organisations who have sufficient knowledge and resources to manage litigation suitable for Public Access instructions without the assistance of a Solicitor. Any HNW individual who is willing to pay my fee upfront is also welcome.

It is my intention in the near future to publish a piece explaining Public Access in more detail.

If you would like discuss options please see my contact details on the relevant page and either send me an email or call my Clerks.

I look forward to hearing from you.