I came across an interesting Tweet this morning by @Nolan_Legis.

It concerns police treatment of Student protestors in America at Davis and Berkley. They were protesting against increase in fees – a matter close to the hearts British Students at the moment.

Its also something of significance to me. Not only am I growing a child in the hope that he will attend University or other higher education in the future, but I took part in the Student protests in London against the scrapping of grants way back in the day and was charged by mounted police as I sat on Westminster Bridge. It was bloody and it was frightening.

@Nolan_Legis  has broadcast an open letter by Nathan Brown, Assistant Professor in the Department of English at UC Davis,  to the Chancellor of that university – Linda P B Katehi. It shocked me for two reasons. First because Police appear to have viciously assaulted peaceful protestors with pepper spray and second because this didn’t take place in a public space such as the streets of a city but rather on a University Campus.

The University Chancellor is said to have summonsed the Police and, therefore by implication, to have sanctioned the use of this force. It is appalling.

I couldn’t re-tweet it for some reason but you can read it HERE – I encourage you to do so, and if you are so inclined to express your concern to the organisation and people concerned.

There is also video footage HERE – its worth watching all the way through.

Locke’s Inalienable Rights:

Right to life

Right to liberty

Right to property

Right to rebel against an unjust law or government

John Locke (1632 – 1704) – British philosopher and politician whose writings greatly influences the American constitution but apparently not the attitude of those who allegedly protect it.