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I is blowing my own trumpet to raise the profile of this:

Direct Access | This Much I Know.

I’ve set up a PayPal account to enable my Direct Access clients to meet my requirement for payment up front in some cases.

It all stems from a potential client who contacted me last week and who I was unable to help immediately. I’m hoping this facility will give her, and others like her, access to legal advice in the short to medium term.

It works like this – a potential Direct Access client contacts me for an initial chat about an issue or problem. I can give some initial advice at that point and that may answer the query, sometimes, and particularly if litigation is on foot, it won’t  – with the lady above I gave her advice on asking the court for an extension of time and looking for funding for the litigation and sent an email to a potential third party funder.

If further detailed assessment of the case, or advice or representation, is needed we take it from there – most likely with a conference if time allows.

With written work (advice, pleadings etc) if I accept the instructions I will do the work but the client won’t receive a copy until payment is received.

I think this is an exciting venture and I’m really looking forward to seeing how this developed. I should point out, I’m doing DA primarily to ensure that I can continue working with Tax Professionals who are not within the Licensed Access provisions (see link in the side bar to the right), I won’t be working with any one who walks in off the street!