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Law profession can’t handle talented women, says Baroness Hale – Home News – UK – The Independent.

This story was published by The Independent (@indpendent)on 14 march, I picked it up via @niplaw (who Tweets some good stuff and is worth following).

As ever, this is a newspaper “headline” and accordingly designed to catch the eye of the reader. One can imagine the puffing and spluttering around liberal minded breakfast tables and commuter trains on coming across it last week (and that’s just the female lawyers!).

If Baroness Hale did say this, it doesn’t appear in the body of the story (which to my mind suggests that she didn’t). But that is by the by. What she highlights in this interview is the need for all professions, here the legal profession, which have (and are) “traditionally” male dominated to be conscious of their unconscious bias towards what is familiar to them, that is their own gender (male and usually white) when promoting people to the higher echelons, to the positions of influence which generally effect change or have a significant hand in doing so.

Otherwise it will be business as usual and progress will not be made.

A good piece and something to think about.