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I have recently received a number of enquiries about instructing a barrister under the Public Access provisions. Many thanks to my enquirers – if I haven’t yet responded to you directly I will be shortly.

If you are thinking about instructing a barrister direct (or are merely curious about doing so), you can access the Bar Code of Conduct (and it isn’t just a guide) and the Annex dealing with Public Access by clicking the link below. It sets out the rules a barrister must follow if working under the Public Access scheme.

Annexe F2 – Public Access Rules – Bar Standards Board.

Public Access is a cost effective way to gain access to legal service and the expertise of a barrister. We have a thorough knowledge of the law and procedure and we have access to fellow professionals such a solicitors and others who provide litigation support as and when needed.

You can review my T&Cs for Public Access (without an intermediary) here: PA – Direct – they are pretty standard. I will post the version for instruction by an intermediary shortly – these are useful if you are, for example, a VAT specialist who isn’t accredited by CIOT or one of the other Licensed Access professional bodies and so can’t instruct me under the Licensed Access scheme.

I thoroughly enjoy working with Public Access and Licensed Access clients, probably as a result of having spent so many years dealing with Customs Officers when I was employed.

I look forward to working with you in the future.