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Apparently the current government came to power in 2010.

David Gauke MP states in his forward to HM Treasury’s (incredibly interesting) “Business tax road map” published March 2016 that:

When the government came to power in 2010 it was faced with the aftermath of the financial crisis. Unemployment had risen, many businesses had gone bankrupt and £1 in every £4 spent by the government was borrowed. The government’s plan was to fix the public finances and back business to stimulate a private sector-led recovery, at the forefront of which was making the UK a more attractive place to invest and grow a business. Bold action by the government has helped create one million more businesses and helped two million more people find work, all the while bringing the deficit down.

Crucial to these successes have been reforms to make our tax system more efficient and competitive, reforms which began with the ‘Corporate tax road map’ published in 2010. This new road map goes further, by setting out plans for major business taxes to 2020 and beyond. It draws together the results of several major areas that we have reviewed, including the taxation of multinationals, the future of business rates, and the way we tax business energy use. And it outlines measures to support businesses, particularly small businesses, in the years to come.

We hold true to the principles we set out in 2010. Taxes should be low, but must be paid. There should be a level playing field, including between large businesses and small, and between different corporate structures. The system must encourage entrepreneurship and not reward aggressive tax planning. Wherever possible, we will take opportunities to simplify the tax code, and make the administration of tax fit for modern business practices.

This road map sets out how we will deliver on our plan to back businesses. By publishing it today we give the UK’s great businesses the certainty they need to continue driving Britain’s economic recovery.

Did I miss something? I rather thought the LibCon coalition government came to power 2010 and the principles set out were those of that coalition.

I suppose it is affirming to read that the Bog Trotters are as disingenuous as ever…