Source: Alison Graham-Wells

I cannot believe the garbage and misinformation that has just come from Ian Duncan Smith’s mouth in his interview on the BBC about the imminent Supreme Court Judgment on triggering Art 50.

Apparently there is a serious danger of the Supreme Court straying beyond its jurisdiction and trespassing upon the Supremacy of Parliament by telling it how to conduct its business if it says Parliament  is the proper body to pull that trigger and therefore that legislation is needed.
Utter rot.
The Supreme Court will be doing no such thing. It will be telling the Government how to conduct itself. Government is not supreme, it is the executive and subject to control by the legislature (Parliament) which today I hope is supported by the judicature in proper execution of its safeguarding role.
Watch this space – I see an attempt by this Govt to try and abolish the oversight of the judicature if the decision goes against it.